7 Tips to avoid mining job vacant scam

Now the competition in job search, especially for big mining company is very tight. It was then used by some peoples to make money by scamming the job seekers who may have been desperate in looking for employment but not yet lucky. As you can see some people will do anything to earn money, without a doubt they do not even care when others suffer for their actions. Mining  industry is one sector of industry where many job vacant scam occurs.

Many things cause why many mining job vacant scam, if you want to know why, you can see it in our post, why we have many mining job vacant scam.

To avoid job vacant scam, here are some tips that can be taken when looking for a job in the field of mining.

1. Verify Every Jobs

This is important because at this time a lot of scattered mining job vacancies both print and online media. You will find not a little indicated as a job vacancy under the guise of scam and  fraud

2. Ask

There is nothing wrong if receives a call, and feels awkward about the call, the job seeker asks to another people. You can ask neither friend, relatives or a senior about the call. You will have new references and additional information about the calling company. It is also important that you will get a new point of view from them.

3. Make sure you as job seeker indeed send CV to the company

This is also very important, because there are often job vacant scam using random email system, so many fooled by this, so make sure we have ever applied in a company that call us for test or interview.

4. Ask Google

Every time there is a job call, either when receiving via post (office address) or via email, it would be nice to use google to find out about the company, is it true that the company exists and is it true they open job vacancy (if the call is came from new or unfamiliar company, and usually in Google we can get a lot of information.

5. Other References

Many reference sources can help the job seeker:
a. Google
b. Company website
c. Call the Company
d. Ex-Employee of the company
e. Company employees
f. Company phone number
g. Friends or relatives who work in accordance with the field (example when we have a call from mining company, then we can ask with friends or relatives who also work in the mining industry)

6. Free Email

Stay verified with a free email address be it yahoo, engineer, asia, gmail, outlook, hotmail, , cbn.net, plasa, live, pe.hu, esy.es, usa.com, contractor, .info and others (although some large-scale companies are big or small there are still using that email address for recruitment purposes), because it is currently not all companies use the email address of the company name.

7. Cost

Make sure job seeker do not pay anything during the recruitment process because usually the company never charge anything during the recruitment process runs. Moreover, the professional company will pay you during the process instead.

Those all 7 tips can help you to stay away from the scammers. The important one is to stay alert and think again if you receive the offer that too good to be true. Only send an application through the email or company website. In the end, If you have any information about job vacant scam, share also to your friend and relatives, it could be help them too.

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