Why many mining job vacant scam?

Lately we have found a lot of job vacant scam on the internet, especially in the field of mining. Pretend to be an HR agent or staff from big mining company, then create fake job postings and pass it on the internet.
First of all, of course the main cause is the existence of irresponsible people who commit fraud and scam. However, there are specific conditions in mining where scammers use the gap to commit scam.
Why in mining industry we have a lot of job vacant scam? We summarize some of the reasons that led to many scams.

job vacant scam
beware of the job vacant scam

1. High Salary

Yes, you are right, the high salary received by the mine employees makes people very interested to work in this field, especially the fresh graduate. Scammers usually take advantage of these situations and interests to create fake job vacant and engage in fraud in different modes.

2. High turn over

Mining is one area that has high turn over workers. Workers in mining can move from one company to another in a matter of years or even months. The high abundance of original job vacancies in the field of mining, used by people who are not responsible for making fake jobs and fraud.

3. Work in remote area

Remote job site area is another reasons use by scammers to search for victims. One of the many fraudulent modes is that you are required to pay for neither plane or transport. Scammers reason you will be interviewed or even already hired, but because working in remote areas then you are required to pay ticket money for your trip to jobsite.

A few things from the point above are the advantages of working in the field of mining. Again, the advantages is used by the fraudsters to perform the action. See some tips to avoid mining job vacant scam at this link.

Make your self aware about the trick scammers use to fool you, just check our post, scammers job vacant scam trick.


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