The essence of exploration

The mining company, not only act as operator and owner of mine. Some of them also do the exploration activity. Lets find out what is the essence of exploration are:

1. Exploration as a high-risk economic venture

Unlike other economic ventures, exploration is a high-risk economic activity that requires careful planning to minimize risk and suppress cost-benefit. These risks are geological risks, technological risks, economic risks (market) and political risks. All of these risks must be taken into account before it is decided to carry out an exploration project. Geological risk is the greatest risk because it is a factor in making decisions.2. Exploration as a livelihood

To find out as much as possible about the object being searched, various models of the sought-after search should be made of some kind of model with emphasis on geological criteria, so it can be believed that the object will be recognized when seen. The most effective method is drilling, but it is inefficient if being utilise systematically throughout the livelihoods, since the cost will not match the value of the object.

Exploration of a geological object is not equally similar with a livelihood, but more than that. This is because we are all connect with a little known geological object of its properties (though by using the geological model of the object) in an area whose geological state is also relatively little known, although it uses the geological model of the area.

3. Exploration as a data collection system

To obtain a regional geological model requires data, and the geological data sought should be specific to the livelihoods. The data collection methods can collect out by various methods from surveys to drilling. Data collection is also define as data acquisition, which is then begin to process and analysis.

In an exploration plan, the aspects of geological data collection are the main tasks.

4. Exploration as the operating system

This activity consists of units of activity. The each unit of activity is related even often depending on the results of other activities. Thus the whole exploration activity is a process consisting of steps where the next step depends on the results of the previous step, and each step is a decision-making process. However, the foundation of  mobilization of these activities and especially the decision-making must on the interpretation and geological assessment of data generate from various activities, so that creative thinking is important.

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