Top 3 largest gold mine in Africa have recently identified the top 3 largest gold mine in Africa. The mine is also in the list of Top 10 largest gold mine in the world. While the owner of the mine also include in Top 25 biggest mining companies. Check the details below.

1. South Deep mine near Johannesburg, South Africa

The first at Top 3 largest gold mine in Africa is South Deep mine. South Deep contains an estimated 81.4mn ounces of gold and mining began at South Deep in 1961; Gold Fields Limited acquired the mining operations in 2006.

Largest gold mine in Africa, Johannesburg
South Deep mine. Largest gold mine in Africa

The mining company Goldfields dividing the ore body into a series of mining blocks, to allow the operation to be suitably focused.

Produced 290,000 ounces of gold in 2016; a 47% increase in production over the previous year 2015. Gold Fields expects to increase gold production to 500,000 ounces per year by 2023.

2. Mponeng mine near Johannesburg, South Africa

The second at Top 3 largest gold mine in Africa is Mponeng mine. Located near Johannesburg, 65 km away from the city. Exactly located in the mining-heavy region of Witwatersrand, Mponeng is projected to contain gold deposits of 39.6mn ounces. This large mine is owned by major South African mining company AngloGold Ashanti and construction there began in 1981, with the main shaft reaching completion in 1986.

At 2.5 miles deep below the surface, Mponeng is also the world’s deepest mine. The mine set records with a 2016 output of 253,000 ounces of gold on summary.

3. Obuasi in the Ashanti Region, Ghana

The third and last at Top 3 largest gold mine in Africa is Obuasi mine. The mine located in southwest Ghana’s prolific gold producing Ashanti region, Obuasi contains an estimated 29.8mn ounces in gold deposits. This unique mine combines primarily underground mining with some open-pit operations. Obuasi stands as the oldest working mine on this list, having opened in 1897 as the Ashanti Mine.

Despite its size, AngloGold Ashanti closed operations at the mine in 2014 based on profitability concerns with only a small security force remaining on site. Furthermore, the company is currently at work on a development plan for the future. The most recent available production figures date to 2009, when Obuasi produced approximately 381,000 ounces of gold.




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