Top 5 gold mining companies in Alaska

When we hear the word Alaska, the first thing we have in mind identically are cold, frozen, ice, uninhabited and other extreme circumstances. The fact that Alaska is a little touched by humans. Alaska also is one area that all in all is very rich in natural resources. One of the natural resources is mineral natural resources. Do you know that there are several of gold mines and gold mining companies in Alaska? sets you up for a list of Top 5 gold mining companies in Alaska. Two gold mining out of 5 gold mining companies in Alaska are still in developing project.

Top 5 gold mining companies in Alaska

1. Fort Knox gold mining, by Kinross mining company

The first of Top 5 gold mining companies in Alaska is Fort Knox gold mining. One of Kinross’ largest producing mines. Fort Knox also act as a centre of excellence for the Company, as one of the few cold weather heap leach facilities in the world. In 2016, the site poured its seven millionth ounce of gold, 20 years into its mine life.

Fort Knox gold mining is an open-pit gold mine located near the city of Fairbanks, Alaska. Fort Knox gold mining is in one of the largest gold producing areas of the state. It is mined by conventional open-pit methods, with ore processed at a froth flotation mill and heap leach facility.

The mill has a daily capacity of up to 45,000 tonnes per day. Together with, large volumes of lower grade ore and mineralized waste materials processed in the heap leach.

Production from the heap leach began in late 2009, which increased mine life and helped lower costs.

The Company gained mineral rights to Gilmore land in December 2017. Given this points, potentially extended the mine life of Fort Knox.

2. Kensington gold mining, by Coeur mining company

The second of Top 5 gold mining companies in Alaska is The Kensington gold mining. The Kensington underground gold mine and associated milling facilities are located on the east side of the Lynn Canal about 45 miles north-northwest of Juneau, Alaska. The Company controls 100% of the mine through Coeur Alaska mining company. The mine is accessed by a horizontal tunnel. The Kensington gold mining utilises conventional and as well as mechanized underground mining methods. Ore is processed in a flotation mill that produces a concentrate that is sold to third party smelters. Waste material is deposited in an impoundment facility on the property. Power is supplied by on-site diesel generators. Access to the mine is by either a combination of road vehicles, boat, helicopter, floatplane, or by boat direct from Juneau.

3. Pogo gold mining, by Pogo Mine mining company

The third of Top 5 gold mining companies in Alaska is Pogo gold mining. Pogo is an underground mine. Equipped with a vast network of more than 90 miles of underground roads winding to depths more than 1,000 feet below the surface. The quartz veins of the deposit yield an average of ½ troy ounce of gold per ton of rock, which makes Pogo a high-grade gold mine.

Pogo’s underground mining method requires the mine areas to be use paste as backfill. The purpose is to help provide ground support while the adjacent ore panel is mined. In summary, mill tailings mixed with cement (paste backfill) provide part of the necessary support.

Pogo mine mineral processing

The onsite mill processes up to 3,500 tons of ore daily. Gold is recovered using several unit operations. Approximately, for the most part, 1/4th  of the gold is recovered using gravity methods. The remaining gold and sulfides are concentrated through froth flotation. The froth flotation concentrate is then reground to a powder consistency to expose the finer gold particles.

The exposed gold is extracted using chemistry, through leach circuit. The method makes the gold particles go into solution. The Carbon-in-Pulp (CIP) process pulls the gold in solution out of the slurry. The gold then loads onto small pieces of carbon. The carbon is then stripped of the gold using a combination of reagents, heat and pressure.

Following the CIP, the slurry is detoxified and placed underground as paste backfill. The paste use to fill the void created during mining. The gold in solution is electrodeposited as gold sludge by electrowinning. The gold sludge is then smelted in an onsite induction furnace. The temperatures sets at above 2000 degree F. The liquid form then poured into large gold bars weighing upwards of 50 pounds. All materials that have come into contact with cyanide undergo the INCO SO2 process (a chemical process) to destroy the cyanide. The method similarly called cyanide destruction process.

4. Donlin gold mining, by Donlin Gold mining company

The forth of Top 5 gold mining companies in Alaska is Donlin gold mining. Located in Western Alaska, in the Yukon Kuskokwim region. Donlin Gold is one of the largest known, undeveloped gold deposits in the world. The probable reserves estimated at 33.8 million ounces of gold on the whole.

Top 5 gold mining companies in Alaska, undeveloped project of donlin gold
Donlin Gold, Top 5 gold mining companies in Alaska

Based on exploration results, the Donlin Gold project will be an environmentally sound, open-pit gold mine. Located about 10 miles from Crooked Creek Village. In brief, the project would process approximately 59,000 short tons of ore per day.

The Donlin Gold project would provide thousands of jobs during construction. The construction phase estimation is to take three to four years on the whole. Throughout the estimated 27+ year operational phase. There will be a lot of variety of positions and shift work will be available correspondingly.

Infrastructure plans call for a power-generation plant, water-treatment plant, access roads, housing, two ports, a natural-gas pipeline and an airstrip.

In the final analysis, Donlin Gold estimates that the proposed mine could produce an average at least of 1.3 million ounces of gold annually during operation. This production level then would make Donlin Gold one of the largest gold mines not only in Alaska but also in the world.

5. Livengood gold mining, by ITH Mines mining company

The fifth of Top 5 gold mining companies in Alaska is Livengood gold mining. Making it the largest North American gold-only deposit by Reserves and Resources not wholly owned by a Major or Producer. The Livengood gold mining, located in a stable jurisdiction with rich mining history. The location got an easy access to critical infrastructure. The mine is in project phase which approved 2017 work plan to move project forward. Substantial in summary, Gold Resource (April 10, 2017, NI 43-101): 9.0M ounce Gold Reserve at $1,250 oz Proven & Probable Reserve (392 MT, Grade Avg. 0.71 g/t). 11.5M ounce Gold Resource at $1,230 oz Measured & Indicated Resource (525 MT, Grade Avg. 0.68 g/t). 783 Drill holes totaling 717,435 feet define the resource.


After you know the Top 5 gold mining companies in Alaska, the next question is are you willing to work there? Think not only about the money but also the challenges. You will enjoy of course the nature, nice scenery, view and natural fresh air. Thats all compliments, not to mention tonnes of beautiful wild life you will not find in another places. Don’t forget it comes with a cost, living in a challenges weather and climate circumstances. You will need a really strong body and mentality to work in Alaska area. There are really big chance if we see big undeveloped gold mine in Alaska. Thousands work force are will require to run the the project. Then again, the choice rest at you!!

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