Top 7 biggest China mining companies recently identified Top 7 of the biggest China mining companies. Here, in NO-particular order, 7 biggest China mining companies, taken from Forbes  Global 2000 list of the 2017 world biggest public companies and Price Waterhouse Cooper mine 2017 report. Some listed companies below also include in Top 25 biggest mining companies in the world.

1. China Shenhua Energy

China Shenhua Energy, a subsidiary of Shenhua Group, is the largest coal mining state-owned enterprise in Mainland China. It is also the largest coal mining enterprise in the world. The Chinese giant, leading the Top 7 of biggest China mining companies. As a matter of fact, the company has reported $26.5bn revenues in 2017 and booked $3.4bn profits. It operates through four business segments – coal operations, power operations, railway operations, port operations and shipping operations. As 2017, the total market capitalization of China Shenhua reached $54.1bn, ranking it the first among all listed coal companies worldwide and the fourth among all listed integrated mining companies globally. The company employed more than 90,000 employees as of December 2016. In summary, no surprise if this Chinese company become the 4th out of 25 another companies in Top 25 biggest mining companies.

2. China Coal Energy

Next at our list of Top 7 biggest China mining companies, China Coal Energy Company Limited (China Coal Energy). A joint stock limited company, was exclusively initiated by China National Coal Group Company on August 22, 2006. Overall, it owns 12 coal mines (9 in operation, 3 under development), 13 coal processing plants, 5 coking plants, 4 coal mining equipment manufacturing plants, and of course, not to mention 2 mine design institutes to support their operations. In 2017 they made $8.8bn of sales and $302m profits. Similarly to China Shenhua Energy, this company also in the Top 25 biggest mining companies, at no 13th.

3. Yanzhou Coal Mining

Yanzhou Coal Mining, number 17th at Top 25 biggest mining companies. The company, majority owned by Yankuang Group, is a coal mining company in Mainland China. It is engaged in underground mining coal preparation and coupled with sales activity, and railway transportation service of coal. Its products are mainly low-sulphur coal which is suitable for large-scale power plant and for use in pulverized coal injection. Its headquarters is located in Zoucheng, Jining, Shandong. The Company operates six coal mines: Xinglongzhuang coal mine, Baodian coal mine, Nantun coal mine, Dongtan coal mine, Jining II coal mine (Jining II) and Jining III coal mine (Jining III), as well as a regional rail network that links these mines with the national rail network. As one of Top 7 biggest China mining companies, they employed not less than 39.785 workforce. To summarise, in 2017 they record $15bn of sales and $308m profits.

4. Zijin Mining Group

Zijin Mining Group Company Limited is known as just Zijin is a Chinese gold, copper and non-ferrous metals producer and refiner in Mainland China. It now operates the Zijinshan Gold Mine, the largest open pit gold mine on mainland along with three other gold mines in production. Zijin run the company with 21.455 workforce on the whole. In 2017 the sales record $11.7bn with $276m profits.

5. Jiangxi Copper

Jiangxi Copper is the largest copper producer in Mainland China. The Jiangxi Copper is to sum up the list of Top 25 biggest mining company in to 20. Its operations include copper mining, milling, smelting and refining to produce copper-related products, including pyrite concentrates, sulfuric acid and electrolytic gold and silver. Its chairman is Mr. Li Yuhuang and its headquarters is at Guixi, Jiangxi, China. Sales record at equally to $30.3bn and $120m profits.

6. Shandong Gold Mining.Co Ltd

Shandong Gold Mining Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of Shandong Gold Group. As one of Top 7 biggest China mining companies, aimed not only at the exploration but also exploitation, and smelting of gold and silver, located in Jinan, Shandong. Founded in the year 2000, Shandong Gold Mining also processes and manufactures precious and nonferrous metal products. The products are well distributed through Shanghai Gold Exchange; and produces and supplies related equipment and materials as well.

In April 2017, Shandong Gold Mining has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Barrick Gold Corporation to acquire a 50% stake of Veladero. Veladero is a mine located in the Argentinean province of San Juan. In addition, the agreement also includes possibilities of a joint development of Pascua Lama project. Furthermore, in fact, the media report, also include an investment opportunities on El Indio Gold Belt, both located in the border of Chile and Argentina.

7. China Molybdenum Company Limited

China Molybdenum Company Limited is the largest molybdenum producer in Mainland China and top 5 in the world. In fact, it is one of the largest tungsten producers in the world. This China mining company is also the second largest Cobalt and Niobium Producer and one of the leading Copper producer worldwide. The headquarters of the company is at Luanchuan County, Luoyang City, Henan Province. Among its holdings is the Tenke Fungurume Mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the one they bought recently from Freeport.

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